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FRYD Vape is a brand known for its indulgent and decadent e-liquid flavors, primarily inspired by fairground and dessert treats. The brand offers shortfills in 50ml servings with high VG bases, providing a smooth inhale, thick vapor, and rich flavor. These e-liquids are designed for Sub Ohm vape kits and can be used nicotine-free or mixed with a nic shot to achieve a 3mg strength. Some popular flavors from FRYD include Cream Cake, featuring a blend of ice cream and cake flavors, and Banana, offering a mix of banana, butterscotch, and Graham cracker notes. FRYD’s offerings cater to vapers with a sweet tooth looking for satisfying vape experiences throughout the day.

List of all fryd carts flavors:
Blue Razz
Watermelon Gushers
Tropical Zkittles
Something Purple
Peach Rings
Miami Mango
Gummy Punch
Wild Baja Blast
Banana Nerdz
Berry Blow Pop
Berry Zkittles
Blueberry Zlushie
Cactus Cooler
Double Stuf Oreo
Jolly Rancher
Juicy Melon Dew
Lemonberry Tartz
Peach Ringz
Pink Guava Gelato
Pink Starburst
Purple Pop Rocks
Code Red
Orange Gobstopper
Dirty Sprite
Blue Gummy Shark
Banana Runtz
Apple Juice
Tangie Taffy
Red Vines
Bubblegum Gelato
Tropicana Smovie

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